Fairy Dust

I have been saving these fairy pictures for ages.  They originally came from a date calendar.  I thought they would be sweet for a little girl’s room. 

You can see that I usually put music notes in my collages somewhere.  Music means a great deal to me and I think it adds another dimension to a piece.  This was done  using collage papers and images.


2 thoughts on “Fairy Dust

  1. Beautiful. I don’t know how big these are. I’m trying to gauge by looking at the music sheets. About what size do you usually work in? And are you selling on your website? And I don’t know about collage papers. Are these store-bought? I’m just wondering if I’m missing the mark. Your art is always so professional looking and …perfect. Maybe it’s my materials, or perhaps I’m working too “large.” Anyhow, yours are beautiful…. and I’m also wondering how your mom’s doing. Well, I hope. Patsye

  2. These aren’t very big..they are an 1/8th of a full sheet of watercolor paper. I normally work on 1/4 sheets and they sell better than the full sheets. I buy and also make some of the rice papers. The background for these two were bought in an art store. I also do some painting on plain rice paper to match my main subject.

    I used to sell quite a bit online but recently it has fallen off. I don’t ship with glass anymore only matted. I found it difficult and expensive to ship with glass.

    I do have some art shows coming.. end of April, end of May, June is the Studio Tour and Artisans begins for the summer which shows my work and gift items. I find I am beginning to get “followers” who come to the Studio Tour. I am ususally demonstrating during the two days and I just love it.

    I am flying to Toronto April 2nd and have booked for two weeks, but my sister thinks a week would be better since it is very, very difficult sitting by her bed all day. She isn’t eating which is a big problem. She is definitely failing day by day. I am always waiting for a call.

    Thank you for asking Patsye..

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