I am mainly a watercolour artist but now and again I do a few mixed media or collages.  I am rather a late bloomer as I didn’t start painting until I turned 50, fulfilling a life long dream. I have another blog at: <a href="http://www.wildwoodwatercolours.blogspot.com .   I am also sell my artwork on gift items through ZAZZLE.COM which is a great place to browse. 

I have found I really enjoy teaching and  give private lessons in my home studio.  I am very involved in the local art scene and fortunately Vancouver Island is absolutely full of fantastic artists.  The whole Gulf Islands which surround us is also a haven for artists.  Having so  many people interested in the arts means we have a very stimulating art club and wonderful and high end art shows each year.

You can reach me at steinfatt@telus.net.

Thanks for stopping by.



3 thoughts on “ABOUT ME

  1. Hi Ruth, I got behind in my blog reading. I enjoy your collages but wanted to let you I got the idea from you to try pouring. I am just starting and haven’t tried the flowers yet but I am delighted with the process. My lost 2 painting posts are pours. Thanks for your inspiration. Louise

  2. HI Ruth – Love your work… I’m one of those late bloomers too.. started at 60…..but as my first art teacher/mentor told me, we have all that life experience to pour into our art so in some ways we have an advantage! 🙂

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