yupo rooster

Every now and again I love to do a painting on Yupo.  You have very little control as it slides around so much and once you turn the dryer onto it iust moves around like crazy.  This is a great way of loosening up.  I think he is a rooster with attitude!


Spring and an update

Spring has truly arrived here on the island and I am so glad I am out of the snow and ice.  My family and friends back East are having a dreadful winter.. I remember it well.

My  teaching is going very well and I now have every morning filled.   I find it does cut into my own painting time so I haven’t done very much recently.  I am participating in a show in April  “Tapestry of Island Arts” which has 9 terrific artists and myself..Do we ever get over feeling inadequate??  I have a few new paintings away getting framed and hope they look good when done.

My husband continues to improve after his devastating stroke and is almost back to normal.  Sometimes miracles do happen.

Thanks to those of you who take the time to say hello.. I truly appreciate it.

Hugs  Ruth


Blue HeronLiving beside the ocean with an abundance of sea food these patient little fellows sit amongst the rocks waiting for dinner to pass by.  My intention was to use negative painting to indicate the plumage.  Enjoy.


OPPA window with wash_0002_crop  This is a painting of a photo I took on my painting trip to Italy… 10×12 in size.

This whole building was topsy turvy but life went on..

Left to Rust

rusty truck  On our trip to Alaska I saw this old abandoned car left in a field to rust.  Many people have painted rusty vehicles over the years but I had never attempted one… Here is my attempt.