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Birds of a Feather

Birds of a Feather

A collage with lots of texture.


Fairy Dust

I have been saving these fairy pictures for ages.  They originally came from a date calendar.  I thought they would be sweet for a little girl’s room. 

You can see that I usually put music notes in my collages somewhere.  Music means a great deal to me and I think it adds another dimension to a piece.  This was done  using collage papers and images.


I decided the yellow was just tooo glaring when I saw it online.  I took the veiling off and put some lettering behind which will tie in with the woman writing at her desk.

It is rather dark, but I think the Victorians liked rich, dark colors.

The Letter

 I love doing collages.  This  one has many different textures and I think it might look good matted and frames.

It certainly has an antique look about it.