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Bearded Iris

This is one of my iris paintings that will become notecards, trivets, coasters, etc.   If you know the botanical name I really would like to hear from you 🙂

As you can see I am really busy in my studio.  I had a call from a gentleman moving back to England and he wanted to find a home for his oils, acrylics and watercolors.  Well, I had no idea how much he had .. I had a heck of a time hauling everything out to the car and then into the house.  Luckily I called some artist friends and almost everything is gone.  I was happy to get some watercolor paper and a few brushes.    I noticed my daffodils and tulips are up about 4-5 inches and with the warm sunshine they will grow quickly.  Our Mediterranean climate here on the Southern tip of Vancouver Island  means spring comes very early. 

We have Anna hummingbirds that stay here all year and we have made sure they have had enough sugar water.  With it warm and sunny yesterday they were sitting sunning themselves.  The male has such a fiery red head and he actually shone!  We seem to have about 4 in our garden at the moment.  The one male will not share and spends most of his energy chasing everyone else away…little devil.

The snowdrops are gorgeous right now.  We only planted a few last year so they aren’t very plentiful but some of the older established gardens are really full of them.  Cheery little guys.


Purple Iris

 I am doing a collection of iris paintings for an upcoming Iris Convention taking place in Victoria this spring.  I need strong colours on some of them so they will transpose onto my gift items.